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A note from your HOA President… Hello Bahia Lakes Residents, During the past few months of being selected as your homeowners’ association president, I have been approached by some of you with good suggestions to improve this community.  Along with your Board of Directors, your Community Development District and our Management Company, we are evaluating each of these recommendations and looking for a means of making them reality.  On a somewhat sadder note, I have also been confronted with a number of not so pleasant issues; trespassing, vandalism, and destruction of community property just to mention a few.  More concerning, some of these issues are being caused by our community members.  Of recent, I’m receiving a number of complaints about violations of our community by laws that we agreed to when we chose to live in Bahia Lakes.  I certainly don’t want us to become a community of “violation enforcement” this will only cause ill feelings of both parties.  I cherish the fact that I can step out my front door, shake my neighbors’ hand and listen to what is on their minds.  I respect their opinions and value their desire to ensure harmony through communication.  All of us work very hard to maintain the appearance of our homes.  Now, I ask that we carry that mindset over to our community.  Consider the impact our actions and that of our family members have on the rest of the community.  When I walk my dog, I take a plastic bag and use it to collect the waste when he’s done.  When I park my car, I ask myself, am I going to impede someone by leaving it here.  When I post signs to reflect my support for a cause, team or business, am I possibly violating a rule of the covenants?  Does riding my skate board throughout the community pool and cabana while throwing chairs around, impact anyone?  Is dealing with drugs in the community playground the right thing to demonstrate to our youth? Please, take a moment look around YOUR community and seek out a way to help make it yet a better one.  I make an effort to walk the streets of our community at least twice a week.  I take this opportunity to admire how many of you have adorned your homes and made this community a place to respect.  I further solicit your assistance; look for ways to help your neighbors.  If they are away for an extended period; consider picking up newspapers and placing them in an inconspicuous location, thereby not drawing attention to their absence.  If you have a neighbor on shift work and their trash can ends up in the roadway, why not place it within their yard. I have asked your Board of Directors and our management company to hold a special meeting with our residents on 23 April 2013 @ 6:00 pm at the South Shore Regional Library, 15816 Beth Shields Way, Ruskin, FL.  I would like to take that opportunity to inform you of some initiatives planned and provide you an option to comment on them.  Your opinion is valued and we hope you are able to join us.  If the time is not convenient to your schedule, please feel free to contact us via e-mail instead at bod@bahialakeshoa.org  we look forward to your comments. Respectfully, Ralph Skokanic President, Board of Directors Bahia Lakes Homeowners’ Association