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During the last community meeting, the Board of Directors identified a need to rejuvenate our Neighborhood Watch Program (NWP). Mr. Zehler has stepped up to the plate and developed a very comprehensive Facebook venue specifically for this sole purpose. It is not intended to emulate or replace the existing Social Committee’s Facebook site; please continue to use that public facing site to promote your community and coordinate social events. The Neighborhood Watch portal intends to support and coordinate activities in line with Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office guidelines. Your BOD has conferred with District IV to establish improved rapport between our community and the HCSO. Due to recent events the BOD has placed the NWP on our April agenda and will brief the community on expectation of this program, as well as, how residents can get actively involved. Additionally, subject matter experts will brief topics dealing with home security equipment selection. Tentatively, we will also have a guest speaker from the HCSO.   To ensure privacy of the community members’ information the BOD will place “close hold” on Personally Identifiable Information (PII), in accordance with Federal Law. The NWP Facebook venue is a private area and access is by invitation only. Registering members will need to verify Bahia Lakes residence and provide contact information. News bulletins dealing with security matters pertinent to our community will be linked here and the NWP website. The BOD looks forward to your participation in this valuable program.